What Does DM Mean on Facebook?

What Does DM Mean on Facebook?

DM means “Direct Message.”

It’s a way to send a private message to someone on Facebook. It’s different from regular messages, because they’re sent directly to the person you want to talk to—no one else can see them.

How do you send a DM on Facebook?

The best way to send a DM on Facebook is to use the Messenger app.

To do this, go to your Facebook page. Then click on the message button in the top right corner of the screen. This will open up a box that allows you to start a new conversation with someone. You can also choose which message thread you want to start by selecting one of your existing conversations in this box.

In the “To” field, type the name or phone number of the person you want to message, then tap “Send Message” at the bottom of this field (or press enter).

Can you DM Someone on Facebook Without Being Friends?

Yes, you can DM someone on Facebook without being friends.

Will Someone Get my DM if They Don’t Follow Me?

Yes! If you send a DM to someone who doesn’t follow you, they will get that DM.


DM stands for “Direct Message”. So what is a DM on Facebook? It’s just like it sounds: a private message that only you and the person you sent it to can see.

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