TM Promo – Call, Text, and TM Surf promo (Updated)

TM is short for Touch Mobile and is one of the most prominent telecommunications companies in the Philippines. It’s a partner with Globe Mobile and thus, almost all TM promo offers are simultaneous with Globe prepaid promos including call and text offers, TM surf promo, and international roaming promos.

Here’s the list of all TM Promo

Call and Text and TM Data Promo

Call and text offer come with unlimited calls and texts to all Globe numbers. These promos will let you call and text no matter how often you want for a particular time. You may also add data to the mix and get unlimited surfing, online games, videos, online shopping, and many more. If all you need is data, you can go for an all-surf promo with a free 100 MB and access to Facebook, Wattpad, Mobile Legends, and many more.

TM Surf Promo

Meanwhile, TM’s mobile internet promos will give you instant access to your favorite apps and online sites. You can enjoy using sites like Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, iWant TV, Mobile Legends, and many more plus, you can play games, stream movies, check out social media sites on the go.

International Promos

You don’t need a new SIM when you go abroad. You can use TM International and Roaming promo offers and take advantage of low data rates and strong coverage through Globe’s partner networks no matter where you are. You can update your social media or use apps for traveling like Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Maps, WhatsApp, WeChat and so much more.

Before taking any TM promo offer, don’t forget to check the details. All promos expire and are covered by rules and restrictions. Always be mindful of these simple rules and you’re ready to get more out of your TM prepaid subscription. If you want to subscribe to any TM or Globe promo, dial *143#.

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