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Top 5 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in the Philippines: Upgrade Your Typing Experience on a Budget

Are you tired of unresponsive and worn-out keys on your keyboard? Say goodbye to your concerns with our list of the Top 5 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in the Philippines. Before we unveil our selection, let’s talk about mechanical keyboards, their benefits, and why they are essential for professionals and gamers alike.

A mechanical keyboard uses individual mechanical switches for each key, providing a more tactile typing experience and improved responsiveness compared to traditional membrane keyboards. Some of the advantages of using a mechanical keyboard include durability, customization options, faster typing speeds, and better overall user satisfaction. These qualities make mechanical keyboards a must-have for serious gamers, developers, or writers whose productivity depends on a reliable and comfortable typing experience.

The fact that we’ve handpicked these keyboards for the Philippines means that they offer unbeatable performance without breaking the bank. We understand that not everyone is willing or able to spend excessive amounts on a high-end mechanical keyboard. That’s where our list comes in: we’ve carefully curated and tested these options to ensure that you get the quality you deserve at prices you can afford.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the Top 5 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in the Philippines, guaranteed to enhance your typing and gaming experience like never before.

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in the Philippines

  1. K880 Mechanical Hotswappable Keyboard – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  2. LEVEN K620 61Key Mechanical Keyboard – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  3. ZIFRIEND KA6406 Mechanical Keyboard – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  4. RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  5. LANGTU GK85 Mechanical Keyboard – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)

K880 Mechanical Hotswappable Keyboard

The K880 Mechanical Hotswappable Keyboard is an extraordinary piece of gaming equipment. If you’re searching for a keyboard with a unique stroke rhythm feeling, this one will definitely meet your needs.

The Basics

  • System Compatibility: This incredible keyboard is compatible with both Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) and MAC (versions 10.2 and above).
  • Warranty: Rest assured that your purchase is secure and backed with a 12-month supplier warranty.
  • Plug-in Design: It comes with the modern Type-C plug-in design, signaling it is ready for future technology.

Exceptional Features

  • Hotswappable: The K880’s hot-swappable design allows you to change your old keys for new ones on the fly, with no downtime or hassle.
  • Durability: With a lifespan extending to more than 50 million keystrokes, the keyboard promises a long service life.
  • Compact Design: The keyboard is compactly designed without a numpad, saving you precious desk space.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomics of this keyboard are exemplary. It is devised to adapt perfectly to your fingers and wrists, making it comfortable for prolonged usage.

  • Non-Slip: Rubber pads and stand feet exist on the bottom to enhance stability and skidproof capabilities.
  • Unique Suspended Keys Design: This unique design further adds to the keyboard’s durability and gives it a distinct rhythm feeling.


One of the keyboard’s standout features is its attractive, charming lighting effect.

  • Character middle plate luminescence: This lighting option adds an aesthetic touch to your gaming or work set up.
  • RGB Side Lamp Strip: Create a captivating mood with the RGB side lamp strip.


Finally, the keyboard is equipped with a USB cable integrated with a magnetic ring to deliver a strong, stable connection.

The K880 Mechanical Hotswappable Keyboard serves as a spectacular choice for both gaming and professional work. With its seamless blend of potential, durability, sophistication and comfort, this investment promises a notable improvement to your gaming and typing experience.

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LEVEN K620 61Key Mechanical Keyboard

The LEVEN K620 61-Key Mechanical Keyboard combines portability, durability, and incredible functionality, making it an exceptional choice for all your typing and gaming needs.

The Basics

  • Ultra Compact: LEVEN K620’s 61-key layout is not only easy to carry but also saves valuable desk space.
  • Plug-in Design: The Type-C plug-in design ensures it is ready for future technology.

Keycaps and Durability

  • Double Casting ABS Keycaps: These 1.5mm thick keycaps are durable and anti-wear, promising a long-lasting experience.
  • More than 50 Million Keystrokes: With such a long service life, you can trust this keyboard to stick around for the long run.

Comfort and Feel

  • Light Key Pressure: The keys provide resistance, bounce, and clicky feedback, creating an excellent keystroke feeling.
  • Unique Suspended Keys Design: This exclusive design contributes to the keyboard’s durability and a distinct rhythm feeling.


  • Removable USB Cable: LEVEN K620’s USB cable is detachable, making it convenient to carry or store.
  • Gold-Plated USB Connector: The gold-plated USB connector ensures anti-interference, durability, and signal accuracy.


  • RGB Backlit Display: This eye-catching feature comes with 17 backlight modes, providing an opportunity to customize the keyboard to your preferences.


  • Widely Compatible: This keyboard can be seamlessly paired with devices running on Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.


  • 61/71-Key Layout: The layout options make it easy to find the perfect configuration for you.
  • 3-Pin Hot-swappable: The 3-pin hot-swappable design allows you to quickly replace full keycaps.


  • Anti-Ghosting with Full Keys: Enjoy unlimited simultaneous keystrokes without any ghosting issues, making it perfect for gaming or fast typing.


  • Rubber Pads and Stand Feet: The keyboard features rubber pads and stand feet on the bottom to enhance stability and skidproof capabilities.

The LEVEN K620 61-Key Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent investment for those who value portability, durability, and performance. With its compact design, customizable lighting, and advanced features, this keyboard will undoubtedly elevate your gaming and typing experiences to new heights.

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ZIFRIEND KA6406 Mechanical Keyboard

Elegantly designed and packed with impressive features, the ZIFRIEND KA6406 Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent choice for typing enthusiasts and gamers alike.

The Basics

  • 63 Keys: This compact keyboard comes with 63 keys, providing a perfect balance between functionality and size.
  • System Support: The keyboard is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows (including Windows 10, 2000, 7, 8, 95, 98, Vista, and XP).
  • Warranty: Peace of mind comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Key Performance

  • Two Switch Types: Catering to different user preferences, ZIFRIEND KA6406 offers two key switch types – Blue and Red. The blue switches offer a clicky sound, while Red are silent, offering a linear feel.
  • 20 Million Keyboard Lifespan: This machine promises an impressive lifespan of 20 million keystrokes, ensuring its longevity.


  • Unique High-Quality ABS Keycaps: Decked with unique, high-quality ABS keycaps, the keyboard not only assures a comfortable typing experience but also offers excellent wear resistance.


  • USB2.0 Connection: With a reliable USB2.0 connection, the keyboard ensures a stable, lag-free input experience.

ZIFRIEND KA6406 Mechanical Keyboard beautifully merges compactness, durability, and adaptability. With the versatility of the key switch types and compatibility across multiple operating systems, it will undoubtedly take your typing and gaming experiences to a whole new level.

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RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard

The RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard is a brilliant blend of style, functionality, and adaptability. With a unique design, advanced features, and customizable capabilities, this keyboard is a solid choice for any typing enthusiast or gamer.

The Basics

  • 1 Month Warranty: Have peace of mind with a 1-month warranty on your purchase.
  • Detachable USB Cord: The keyboard comes with a detachable Type-C USB cord, compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.
  • Plug and Play: No need to install drivers – this keyboard is incredibly easy to use straight out of the box.

Ergonomics and Design

  • Humanized Ergonomic Design: The professional keys and ergonomic design make this keyboard extremely comfortable for typing.
  • Shortcut Function Keys: An added series of shortcut function keys enhance efficiency and multitasking capabilities.
  • Space-Saving: The perfect 64-key structure design saves valuable desk space.

Materials and Durability

  • High-Quality Construction: The keyboard is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and ABS, ensuring durability.
  • Sweat-Proof and Dust-Proof: This feature enhances the keyboard’s longevity and ensures a consistently clean look.

Hotswappable and Customization

  • Hotswappable / Pluggable Switch: Enjoy the convenience of this hot-swappable design, allowing you to easily change and upgrade switches.
  • Changeable Keycaps: Customize the keyboard to suit your preferences with the option to switch out keycaps.


  • 18 Modes RGB Lights: Choose from 18 stunning RGB lighting modes to create the perfect ambiance.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Easily adjust the brightness or turn off the RGB lights entirely as per your preferences.

Performance and Anti-Skid Design

  • Anti-Ghosting: Experience flawless typing and gaming with the anti-ghosting feature, ensuring there are no input errors.
  • BSUN Mechanical Switches: These high-quality switches offer excellent performance and a satisfying typing experience.
  • Boat-Type Keyboard Teflon: Experience superior stability with the anti-skid friction Teflon design.

The RGB Hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent investment, catering to users who desire style, ergonomics, and adaptability. With its vivid RGB lighting, customizable features, and durable construction, this keyboard will undoubtedly elevate your typing and gaming experiences.

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LANGTU GK85 Mechanical Keyboard

The LANGTU GK85 Mechanical Keyboard offers an outstanding combination of value, performance, and customization. With its advanced features and durable design, this keyboard is a fantastic choice for gamers and typists seeking a cost-effective upgrade to their current setup.

Key Performance and Design

  • Cost-Effective: The LANGTU GK85 provides a high-quality mechanical keyboard experience at an affordable price point.
  • Custom Mechanical Linear Gold Switch: These switches are factory lubed and offer a smooth, low-pressure, fast-trigger response with 0 latency.
  • Fast Reaction Time: The keyboard’s performance makes it ideal for gamers who require quick reflexes.

Lighting Effects and Macros

  • 19 Lighting Effects: Customize your gaming experience with 19 dazzling lighting effects to choose from.
  • Macro Programmable: The keyboard allows you to create custom macros that optimize your performance in your favorite games.

Connectivity and Key Features

  • 163cm Data Cable: Equipped with a 163cm data cable, the LANGTU GK85 provides flexibility in your setup.
  • Full Keyless Punch: The keyboard’s full keyless punch ensures that every keystroke is instantly registered, giving you an edge in gaming.
  • Light Gasket Structure: LANGTU GK85’s light gasket structure guarantees durability and consistent performance.

Enhanced Typing Experience

  • Keyline Separation: This feature ensures that each key’s force is evenly distributed, resulting in a consistent and satisfying typing experience.
  • Built-In Sound Deadening Cotton: The sound deadening material reduces noise so you can enjoy your typing sessions without disturbing those around you.

LANGTU GK85 Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent investment for users who seek a cost-effective, high-performing, and customizable keyboard. With its smooth gold switches, impressive lighting effects, and user-friendly design, this keyboard is sure to elevate your gaming and typing alike.

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How to Choose the Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in the Philippines

With the growing popularity of mechanical keyboards in the Philippines, many individuals find themselves faced with a myriad of choices. While some options might be pricier, there are budget-friendly alternatives that still provide fantastic functionality and performance. In this guide, we will discuss the critical factors to consider when choosing the best budget mechanical keyboard for your needs.

1. Determine Your Purpose

First and foremost, consider what you’ll be using the keyboard for. Are you looking for a keyboard primarily for typing, gaming, or a combination of the two? Different keyboards cater to different needs, so identifying your primary purpose will help you choose the most suitable option.

Typing vs. Gaming Keyboards

  • Typing Keyboards: If you’re primarily interested in typing, you may want a keyboard with excellent tactile feedback. Look for keyboards with switches that provide a satisfying bump or tactile feel, such as Brown or Blue switches.
  • Gaming Keyboards: For gaming, prioritize keyboards with faster response times and minimal force required for key actuation. Red or Black switches are often preferred for gaming due to their linear and smooth keystrokes.

2. Consider Switch Types

One of the key aspects to consider when selecting a budget mechanical keyboard is the type of switch that it features. Mechanical switches come in a variety of styles, with each having its own characteristics.

Common Budget-Friendly Switch Types

  • Outemu or Content Switches: Outemu and Content switches are reliable, budget-friendly alternatives to Cherry MX switches. They provide a similar feel and performance at a more affordable price.
  • Gateron Switches: Gateron switches are often compared to Cherry MX switches in terms of performance and feel but are typically more affordable.

3. Check for Build Quality and Durability

The quality and durability of a mechanical keyboard are essential factors to consider, especially when you’re on a budget. Look for keyboards with sturdy construction, such as aluminum-alloy top plates, and double-shot or PBT keycaps, which are more long-lasting compared to cheaper ABS keycaps.

4. Key Features and Customizability

Some budget mechanical keyboards come with additional features that can enhance your typing or gaming experience. These extras might include:

  • RGB Lighting: For visual appeal and customization, look for keyboards with adjustable RGB lighting effects, allowing you to personalize your setup.
  • Anti-Ghosting: For gaming, ensure the keyboard has anti-ghosting technology so that simultaneous key presses are accurately registered without input errors.
  • Programmable Macros: Some keyboards allow you to create custom macros, enhancing your efficiency and performance in gaming or specific applications.

5. Operating System Compatibility

Before purchasing a mechanical keyboard, confirm that it is compatible with your preferred operating system (Windows, Mac OS, or Linux). Some keyboards may have key combinations or software that are specifically designed for a particular OS, so compatibility is a crucial factor to consider.

6. Layout and Size Preferences

Mechanical keyboards come in various layouts and sizes, such as:

  • Full-Size Keyboards: These keyboards come with a standard number of keys, including a dedicated numeric keypad.
  • Tenkeyless (TKL) Keyboards: TKL keyboards are more compact, as they exclude the numeric keypad.
  • 60% Keyboards: These ultra-compact keyboards remove the function row, numeric keypad, and navigation cluster, focusing primarily on the essential keys for typing or gaming.

Choose a layout and size that best suits your preferences and workspace.

7. Online Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, don’t forget to check online reviews and recommendations from fellow users, especially those from the Philippines. Product reviews can provide insights into the actual performance, durability, and quality of a budget mechanical keyboard.


In conclusion, finding the best budget mechanical keyboard in the Philippines is a matter of thoroughly considering your purpose, switch type preferences, build quality, features, compatibility, and layout. By keeping these factors in mind, you can enjoy a high-performing, budget-friendly mechanical keyboard that meets your specific needs and enhances your overall typing or gaming experience.

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