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The 5 Best Budget Gaming Mouse in the Philippines

The challenge of finding a high-quality gaming mouse on a budget can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide is here to provide you with excellent, affordable solutions tailored to the Philippines market. Before diving into our top picks, let’s explore what a gaming mouse is, its advantages, and how it can enhance your gaming experience.

A gaming mouse is specifically designed for gaming, offering improved performance, extra features, and greater customization options compared to regular mice. Advantages include better comfort, accuracy, faster response times, and customizable buttons––ultimately enhancing your in-game control, reaction speed, and overall enjoyment.

We understand that not all gamers have the budget for high-end peripherals, which is why we’ve created this list of the Top 5 Best Budget Gaming Mouse options in the Philippines. By considering factors such as price, performance, ergonomics, and customer feedback, we’ve meticulously curated a lineup that promises fantastic value for money without compromising on quality. Get ready to elevate your gaming experience with these budget-friendly picks tailored for Filipino gamers!

Best Budget Gaming Mouse in the Philippines

  1. Zeus M550 ( Black Mamba ) Wired Gaming Mouse – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  2. Zeus x Gundam Wired Gaming Mouse – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  3. Langtu G1 Wired Gaming Mouse – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  4. Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)
  5. RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse – (Check price on Lazada) (Check price on Shopee)

Zeus M550 ( Black Mamba ) Wired Gaming Mouse

Enter the gaming arena like a pro with the Zeus M550 Black Mamba Wired Gaming Mouse. This powerhouse device has been crafted, paying heed to every gamer’s need for precision, comfort, and style. Decked with an eye-catching breathing backlight, deadly curves, and killer lines, this ergonomic mouse is not just another device, but a game-changer. Pioneering next-gen sensor technology and highly-responsive switches are stowed in a lightweight form, making efficient handling and rapid responses a breeze. A uniquely optimized design promotes maximum comfort to endure those marathon gaming sessions. With a flexible DPI and an enchanting light effect, make every move count. Embrace the magic of supreme control and streamlined navigation with the thumb rest design and plastic roller. Welcome to a world of advanced gaming with the Zeus M550 Black Mamba.

Product Features

  • Breathing Backlight with Magic Light Effect: The Zeus M550 Black Mamba features an impressive breathing backlight with a magic light effect, setting the ambiance for immersive gaming experiences.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed with deadly curves and killer lines, this ergonomic mouse ensures a comfortable grip for long hours of gameplay.
  • Next-Gen Sensor and Switches: Equipped with a next-gen sensor and responsive switches packed into a lighter form factor, the mouse provides precise control and quick handling.
  • Customizable DPI: The device offers a wide range of DPI settings that can be easily adjusted according to the gamer’s preference.
  • Thumb Rest Design: The thumb rest design allows for effortless navigation and added comfort.
  • Plastic Roller: The smooth plastic roller aids in accurate scrolling.
  • Competitive-Grade Performance: Apart from the aesthetic appeal, the M550 is designed to handle the rigors of intense gaming sessions.

Product Review

The Zeus M550 Black Mamba Wired Gaming Mouse is truly a marvel for enthusiastic gamers. The ergonomic design is an absolute winner; with its deadly curves and killer lines, the mouse not only looks elegant but is also extremely comfortable, reducing fatigue during extensive sessions. The lighter form with a top-tier sensor and switches enhance the handling speed and accuracy, making it a preferred choice for competitive gaming.

The customizable DPI offers a wealth of precision adjustments, facilitating optimized performance across various game genres. The mouse’s breathing backlight, coupled with its magic light effect, adds a hypnotic visual element that enhances the overall gaming atmosphere. The thumb rest design exemplifies thoughtful craftsmanship, providing an extra layer of comfort. The plastic roller is another remarkable feature, ensuring smooth and precise scrolling.

In summary, the Zeus M550 Black Mamba Wired Gaming Mouse truly lives up to its name – reigning supreme with its optimal blend of style, comfort, and high-performance functionality. This affordable beast proves to be a reliable partner for any gamer seeking a definitive edge in the gaming battlegrounds.

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Zeus x Gundam Wired Gaming Mouse

Bring out the true gaming enthusiast in you with the Zeus x Gundam Wired Gaming Mouse. Adorned with a cool RGB light characterized by three mesmerizing backlight modes, this mouse complements every gamer’s style and mood. What sets this mouse apart is its unique honeycomb design complemented with super bright lamp beads, delivering an RGB illumination experience that’s more brilliant than most available. The fascinating “Sparkle at the Night” feature will take your night-time gaming sessions to a whole new level. With quick movement capabilities and minimized drag, 6 programmable buttons, and 5 adjustable DPI levels, command precision across any gaming genre. The mouse’s durability and water-resistant properties ensure it can withstand the rigors of intense gaming activity. Brace yourself for a smooth, resilient, and luminous gaming experience with the Zeus x Gundam Wired Gaming Mouse.

Product Features

  • Cool RGB Light with 3 Backlight Modes: The mouse features exciting RGB lighting, providing three distinctive backlight modes to suit different gaming moods and styles.
  • Honeycomb Design with Super Bright Lamp Beads: The unique honeycomb design and super bright lamp beads deliver a brilliant RGB illumination, which is brighter than that in most other RGB mice.
  • Sparkle at the Night: This unique feature significantly enhances the aesthetic experience during nighttime gaming sessions.
  • Fast Movement with Less Drag: The Zeus x Gundam facilitates quicker movements with its lightweight design, ensuring less drag and better maneuverability.
  • 6 Programmable Buttons and 5 DPI Levels: With six programmable buttons and five adjustable DPI levels (1200/2400/3500/5500/7200), the mouse caters to gamers who seek exactness and adaptability in their gaming tools.
  • Water Resistant and Durable: Spill-resistant and dust-proof, this mouse ensures a long lifespan with its ability to stand the test of over 2,000,000 keystrokes.

Product Review

The Zeus x Gundam Wired Gaming Mouse is a bold statement in color and design, making it a compelling choice for gaming enthusiasts. The cool RGB light with its three unique backlight modes adds a depth of personality and style to the mouse. The honeycomb design paired with super bright lamp beads takes the RGB illumination to a higher level, creating a vibrant aesthetic that compliments your gaming rig.

Its “Sparkle at the Night” feature is a striking addition that enhances the ambience during late-night gaming sessions. When it comes to performance, the mouse comes out on top with fast movement capabilities, reducing drag and enabling smoother gameplays. The six programmable buttons alongside five DPI levels offer immense versatility, enabling customization according to personal gaming preferences.

However, the Zeus x Gundam stands out even more for its durable construction. Being spill-resistant and dust-proof, it promises longevity even with rigorous gaming use, reinforced by the impressive endurance of more than 2,000,000 keystrokes. Overall, this mouse masterfully bridges aesthetics with performance, sporting the durability to endure the most intense gaming sessions. It’s a worthy addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

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Langtu G1 Wired Gaming Mouse

Dive into your gaming world with the Langtu G1 Wired Gaming Mouse, your ultimate companion for intense gaming marathons. With four kinds of PDI modes that range from 2400 to 7200DPI, seize control over every click. A 6D programmable interface and Huano 3 million times switch life empower your gaming with reliability and customization. The user-friendly USB2.0 and game macro programming reaffirm flexibility and macro creation on-demand. The device boasts multisystem compatibility, making your gaming sessions unrestricted across multiple platforms. An optical engine complements the performance, while cool horse racing lights add a splash of charm to your gaming setup. With an anti-slip rubber roller, skin-friendly materials, silicone anti-slip roller, axisymmetric flank, and a high polling value, comfort and precision go hand in hand. Engage in breathtaking digital battles with the Langtu G1 Wired Gaming Mouse.

Product Features

  • 2400-7200 DPI with 4 Modes: The Langtu G1 offers four DPI modes (2400 to 7200), allowing gamers to easily adjust sensitivity levels during gaming sessions.
  • 6D Programmable Gaming Mouse: This is optimized with 6D programmability to assign custom commands, making navigation easier and more personalized.
  • Switch Life – Huano 3 Million Times: The Huano 3 million times switch life vouches for the mouse’s durability and long-lasting performance.
  • USB2.0 and Game Macro Programming: It allows for easier connectivity and game macro customization to enhance gameplay.
  • Multisystem Compatibility: It can be seamlessly used across different systems, adding versatility and convenience.
  • Cool Horse Racing Lights: The unique horse racing lights bring a cool, aesthetic appeal to your gaming environment.
  • Comfortable Design: The axisymmetric flank, silicone anti-slip roller, and skin-friendly material offer comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • High Polling Value: The high polling value ensures lag-free and accurate tracking on different surfaces.

Product Review

The Langtu G1 Wired Gaming Mouse is an impressive blend of style and performance. Its 4 DPI modes that range from 2400 to 7200 offer an unrivalled sensitivity control that can be adjusted with ease during in-game situations. The 6D programmable interface allows customization, transforming the gaming experience to suit personal preferences.

What’s exceptional about this mouse is its longevity. With a switch life of 3 million times, you can trust the G1 for those intense gaming marathons. Its USB2.0 and game macro programming add a level of convenience that makes it more user-friendly for both rookies and veterans.

The unique horse racing lights set the mood for an exciting gaming session. The axisymmetric flank, anti-slip rubber roller and skin-friendly materials promise comfort, fostering prolonged gaming without discomfort. The high polling value is perfect for quicker responses, promising a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

In summary, the Langtu G1 seamlessly combines style, comfort, and superior performance in one package, making it a must-have gaming mouse for every passionate gamer.

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Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse

Elevate your gaming journey with the high-quality Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse. From a reliable brand that’s adored by global gamers, this mouse brings precision, comfort, and durability to the gaming table. Equipped with an advanced 7000-dpi sensor and a lightweight build, it enables swift maneuvers using a claw or palm grip. The device’s durable coating ensures it’s ready for tough gaming marathons. With heavy-duty switches and seven programmable buttons, you can customize your commands for comfort and precision. What’s more, the Asus TUF M3 boasts Aura Sync capabilities, allowing you to match your mouse’s glow to the rest of your gaming setup. Enjoy pixel-precise tracking with two dpi buttons for swift sensitivity adjustments and create custom button configurations with on-board memory. Immerse yourself in fast-paced gaming action with the durable and highly customizable Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse.

Product Features

  • High-Quality 7000-DPI Sensor: The TUF M3 features a high-quality 7000-dpi optical sensor for pixel-precise tracking to keep you ahead in the gaming arena.
  • Lightweight Build and Comfortable Grip: Its light build ensures high-speed maneuvering, while its claw or palm grip design offers optimum comfort.
  • Durable Coating: The mouse boasts a durable coating to withstand tough gaming sessions, assuring long-lasting performance.
  • Heavy-Duty Switches: Furnished with heavy-duty switches that are built for up to 250km of use, thus offering reliable and consistent functionality.
  • Seven Programmable Buttons: Seven programmable buttons allow for greater customizability according to personal gaming preferences.
  • Aura Sync Capabilities: Match your gaming gear with customizable ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting which offers cross-device synchronization.
  • On-The-Fly DPI Adjustments: Two DPI buttons enable on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments for adaptability during games.
  • On-board Memory for Custom Configurations: The on-board memory allows you to create custom configurations for your buttons.

Product Review

Staying true to its reputation for quality, ASUS has outdone itself with the TUF M3 gaming mouse. It’s equipped with a 7000-dpi optical sensor that provides precise tracking, ensuring every movement is registered accurately.

The lightweight design of the mouse is a vital asset – it provides excellent maneuverability without sacrificing comfort. The ability to adapt the grip to your preference gives the TUF M3 an edge over many other gaming mice.

Durability hasn’t been compromised – the mouse features a robust coating that’s set to survive the most intense gaming sessions. The heavy-duty switches substantiate this, having been built for up to 250km of use.

The ASUS TUF M3 excels in terms of customization. Seven programmable buttons give players the freedom to tailor the mouse to their gaming style. The customization is further extended with the Aura Sync RGB lighting, creating a mesmerising illumination effect.

In-game adaptability is addressed with on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons, allowing you to change sensitivity with ease. Lastly, the on-board memory allows players to set custom button configurations, immensely boosting gameplay experience.

In conclusion, the ASUS TUF M3 is a sophisticated blend of precision, comfort, durability, and customizability. It’s an asset to any gamer seeking an immersive and personalized gaming experience.

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RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse

Experience an enthralling gaming adventure with the RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse. As an affordable RGB budget mouse, it offers a compelling blend of style, functionality, and reliability, substantiated by a 12-month manufacturer warranty. Graced with a captivating aesthetic design characterized by RGB sides, the mouse lights up the gaming mood quite literally. Eight functional buttons bring an extra layer of command customization, with a braided cable ensuring long-lasting durability. One of the key highlights is the downloadable software, allowing gamers to modify and fine-tune their gaming tool as per their playstyle. Powered by the reliable Huano Clicker Switch, and supporting a resolution ranging from 800 to 4800 DPI, perfect gameplay precision is guaranteed. Measuring 1296742, this mouse fits comfortably in any gamer’s hand. Welcome an electrifying gaming session with RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse.

Product Features

  • RGB Budget Mouse: RAKK DASIG is a budget-friendly RGB illuminated gaming mouse that does not compromise on style or functionality.
  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty: The product comes with a solid one-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring reliability and quality assurance.
  • Aesthetic Design with RGB Sides: The RGB sides provide a neat aesthetic look to augment your gaming environment.
  • Eight Functional Buttons: Eight customizable buttons provide superior control during gaming sessions.
  • Braided Cable: A thick, braided cable guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Downloadable Software: This mouse features downloadable software for customization and adjustments as per your gameplay style.
  • Huano Clicker Switch: The device is equipped with a Huano Clicker Switch for reliable clicking performance.
  • Variation in Resolution: It provides a resolution range from 800 to 4800 DPI for precision adjustments to suit different gaming needs.

Product Review

The RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse is an excellent amalgamation of good looks, high performance, and affordability. The RGB sides not only render a beautiful aesthetic touch but also create an immersive gaming atmosphere. The functionality is impressive, with eight buttons that are customizable to cater to different gaming requirements.

One of the standout features of this mouse is the downloadable software. This allows for excellent customizability, permitting gamers to adjust the device as per their unique playstyle. The durability is commendable, the braided cable ensuring that this mouse is built to last even through intense usage.

The Huano Clicker Switch reinforces the reliability of this mouse, promising excellent response time with each click. Moreover, the variation in resolution, ranging from 800 to 4800 DPI, ensures precision in tracking and speed, providing flexibility to cope with different games’ demands.

In short, the RAKK DASIG Illuminated Gaming Mouse stands out as an affordable yet feature-rich gaming mouse. Its impressive blend of aesthetic appeal, customization, and gaming performance makes it an excellent pick for budget-conscious gamers looking for a quality gaming mouse.

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How to Choose the Best Budget Gaming Mouse in the Philippines

As gaming continues to grow in popularity, the search for the right peripherals that can enhance your gaming experience becomes paramount. Gaming mice offer better ergonomics, customization features, and greater control than regular mice, but many gamers on a budget struggle to find the perfect device. Fear not – this comprehensive guide will help you choose the best budget gaming mouse in the Philippines through six key steps, so you can level up without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Wired or Wireless

One of the most significant decisions when choosing a gaming mouse is deciding between a wired or wireless option. Both have their pros and cons:

Wired Mice

  • Better response time
  • No need for batteries
  • Usually cheaper

Wireless Mice

  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Less cable clutter
  • Better portability

To choose between a wired or wireless mouse, consider factors like your gaming setup, space, and whether you plan to take your mouse with you to LAN parties or other locations.

Step 2: Grip Style

Gaming mice differ in shape and size to accommodate various grip styles. Generally, there are three primary grip styles: palm, claw, and fingertip. Here’s a brief overview:

Palm Grip

  • Most common grip style
  • Whole hand rests on the mouse
  • Suited for larger mice with ergonomic designs

Claw Grip

  • Fingers arched like a claw
  • Suited for medium-sized mice with a rounder shape

Fingertip Grip

  • Only fingertips touch the mouse
  • Suited for smaller, flatter mice

Identify your preferred grip style and select a mouse that complements it to ensure optimal comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Step 3: Hand Size Compatibility

To maximize control and comfort, the size of the mouse should be compatible with your hand size. Measure your hand dimensions by stretching it out on a flat surface, then calculate the length from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger, and the width across your knuckles. Research the mouse dimensions, compare them to your hand measurements, and select a mouse that is neither too large nor too small for your hand.

Step 4: Optical Sensors

Modern gaming mice use two types of sensors: optical and laser. While laser sensors can work on more surfaces, optical mice deliver more reliable gaming performance due to their lower lift-off distance – the distance at which the mouse stops tracking movement. For budget gaming mice, an optical sensor is typically the preferred choice.

Step 5: DPI and Tracking Speed

DPI (dots per inch) and tracking speed are critical factors in determining a mouse’s accuracy and responsiveness. Higher DPI values enable minute cursor movements with slight mouse movements, whereas lower DPI values require larger movements to traverse the screen.

For budget gaming mice, look for DPI values ranging from 800 to at least 12,000, with customizable settings. This enables you to switch DPI levels based on different types of games and personal preferences. Higher tracking speeds, measured in inches per second (IPS), translate to increased accuracy during fast-paced gaming. Aim for a tracking speed of at least 200 IPS for reliable performance.

Step 6: Programmable Buttons

The number of programmable buttons on a gaming mouse can significantly impact your gaming experience, especially in titles that require multiple key bindings like MMORPGs or strategy games. Most gaming mice offer at least two additional programmable buttons, with more advanced models featuring up to 12 or more. Assess your gaming needs and choose a mouse with sufficient programmable buttons for an enhanced experience.

By considering these six key steps when selecting your next budget gaming mouse in the Philippines, you can narrow down your search and find the perfect device that caters to your needs. Popular budget mice to consider include the SteelSeries Rival 100, Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED, Razer Viper Mini, Glorious Model O, and Pulsar X2. Always consult user reviews and ask friends for recommendations based on their experiences. With the right combination of features and price, you can improve your gaming and enjoy a thrilling experience.


Choosing the best budget gaming mouse in the Philippines doesn’t need to be a daunting task. This guide has presented the top five budget-friendly options that are tried and tested, promising performance, value, and all-important features for an exceptional gaming experience. From speed, comfort, to customization, each mouse on this list is a standout in its way, effectively serving the needs of Filipino gamers under resource constraints. Remember, a good gaming mouse significantly influences the gaming experience, making the choice important. It’s your skills that ultimately matter, but having trusty gear like these budget-friendly gaming mice can offer a robust platform for your skills to thrive. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gamer, this roster of budget gaming mice ensures you don’t break the bank and secures your journey to victory on the virtual battleground!

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