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Home » [NyanWatch] Non Non Biyori – Season 1 Overall Discussion

[NyanWatch] Non Non Biyori – Season 1 Overall Discussion

# **[Non Non Biyori Season 1 Overall Discussion](**

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## [Nyanpasu!](


## Classroom Activities

### Question of the day

* Favourite character so far?

* Favourite overall episode?

* Favourite scene/sequence/moment?

* Anything you’re looking forward to in the later season?

* How would you describe season 1 in one word?

### Shot of the day

[Pictures from OVA 1] (

[Chonky’s Renge Album + Some from Rumpel](

u/squirrelhoodie’s [cabin pictures](

### Soundtrack of the day

[Farewell]( by u/Great_Mr_L and I

u/Rumpel1408 special feature: [Jitensha (Bicycle in Japanese)](


## Spoiler Tags

Any detail you wish to share that’s not within the current / past episodes have to be [spoiler tagged]( which includes details from the manga. Do include the context of the spoilers within the parenthesis:

e.g., [Manga Chapter 50 Onwards] >!Spoiler goes here!<

Let’s not spoil the first-timers!

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