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[Rewatch][Spoilers]Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Episode 8

## **Episode 8** *The Ripper*

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### **Useful Links and Streams**
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### **Comment(s) of the Day**

First comment of the day goes to /u/biochrono79

> The beginning of the first part of the episode had the most interesting implications for me. We never got to see not-Elaina’s face, but hairstyle (and chest) aside, she clearly has a strong enough resemblance to Elaina that people readily mistook Elaina for her. So either there’s some time-traveling nonsense happening, or that’s Niké and she actually looks very similar to Elaina, which has its own set of implications. Maybe Niké and Elaina are related somehow?

> The second part of the episode was clearly written for a very… specific audience. Those villagers were thirsty, and not for the wine specifically. The chief in particular was very open about his fetish, and he was definitely speaking for the other villagers. That aside, it was amusing to see Elaina set aside her tendency to not get overly involved in the funniest way possible. Elaina’s laugher while she was bombarding the villagers with grapes was priceless. Drunk witches are just too powerful, and the villagers got their grapes crushed by a cute girl, although not quite in the way they wanted, so everyone walked away more or less happy with themselves.

Second comment goes to /u/Refugee_Savior

> The wall episode seems like it’s extremely on the nose. Nice short tie in to get some more relevance to the Witch of Travels.

> I get the feeling that this whole episode is just a euphemism for those that want a dommy mommy to step on them. Not that I’m complaining.

> I’m surprised Elaina didn’t just take Rosemary out immediately for her comments. They got under her skin so easily.

> Drunk Elaina is definitely best Elaina. She’s an absolute joy when she’s committing grape fueled war crimes.

### **Question(s) of the Day**

Question 1 This episode we are introduced to the straight forward aggressive Sheila what are your thoughts on her?

Question 2 I was supposed to ask this two episodes ago, but we are ~~halfway~~ a little over halfway through the series are you enjoying it?

Question 3 What do you think of the magic used in the show? What about the magic and witches would you like to be expanded upon? What is an anime that has a magic system that you enjoy and why?

### **Future Question(s) of the Day**

No questions for tomorrow.


### **Spoilers**

Just a quick friendly reminder about spoilers. Please don’t be a witch and post content from future episodes whether in the form of jokes, memes, hints, or et cetera. If you are going to use spoilers please tag them like so, **[Elaina Spoilers]>!Elaina can only use illusion magic and all her other spells are just a byproduct of this.!<**

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