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Home » [Rewatch] Cardcaptor Sakura Rewatch – Arc 1 (Seasons 1/2) Discussion

[Rewatch] Cardcaptor Sakura Rewatch – Arc 1 (Seasons 1/2) Discussion

#**Arc 1: Clow Card-hen Discussion**

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Questions of the Day:

1) What did you enjoy the most?

2) Which card is your favourite?

3) What were your favourite and least-favourite episodes?

4) Thoughts on the anime-exclusive content (Meiling, most cards, Xiaolang’s cards, etc.)?

5) Where do you think the show is going?

BONUS: This arc’s name was *Clow Card-hen*. Put your best predictions for the next arc’s name down below!


Comments of the Day:

/u/ToastyMozart [pointed out a very important detail about Sakura’s powers](

>She’s not the master of the Sun and Moon cards picking up Clow’s leftovers anymore, she’s got her own thing going and it makes her a bit more of an equal/third counterpart to Kero and Yue. Technically more like several billion Keros but whatever.

/u/No_Rex [mentioned a very interesting minor detail](

>Clow Reed is the coincidences we saw – I like this idea, because it retroactively takes care of one of the biggest plot holes of the series: Why the clow cards are always active where Sakura is.


On an important note, no unmarked spoilers! No jokes about events yet to come, and no references to future episodes!

**Reminder that there will be another inter-seasonal break today and tomorrow.**

**Clow Card Fortune Book**

**On break today/**


**The Clow Cards (and home equivalents):**

|[The Cloud](|A♠|
|[The Create](|2♠|
|[The Dark](|3♠|
|[The Firey](|4♠|
|[The Light](|5♠|
|[The Mist](|6♠|
|[The Rain](|7♠|
|[The Snow](|8♠|
|[The Storm](|9♠|
|[The Thunder](|10♠|
|[The Watery](|J♠|
|[The Wave](|Q♠|
|[The Windy](|K♠|
|[The Big](|A♥|
|[The Dream](|2♥|
|[The Glow](|3♥|
|[The Illusion](|4♥|
|[The Little](|5♥|
|[The Maze](|6♥|
|[The Power](|7♥|
|[The Silent](|8♥|
|[The Song](|9♥|
|[The Sweet](|10♥|
|[The Time](|J♥|
|[The Twin](|Q♥|
|[The Voice](|K♥|
|[The Change](|A♣|
|[The Dash](|2♣|
|[The Erase](|3♣|
|[The Fight](|4♣|
|[The Float](|5♣|
|[The Fly](|6♣|
|[The Freeze](|7♣|
|[The Jump](|8♣|
|[The Move](|9♣|
|[The Return](|10♣|
|[The Shot](|J♣|
|[The Sleep](|Q♣|
|[The Through](|K♣|
|[The Arrow](|A♦|
|[The Bubbles](|2♦|
|[The Earthy](|3♦|
|[The Flower](|4♦|
|[The Libra](|5♦|
|[The Lock](|6♦|
|[The Loop](|7♦|
|[The Mirror](|8♦|
|[The Sand](|9♦|
|[The Shadow](|10♦|
|[The Shield](|J♦|
|[The Sword](|Q♦|
|[The Wood](|K♦|

**All Clow Cards have been revealed!**

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