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Tiny Thief Revival

So. does anyone remember Tiny Thief? For those who do, you might know that you can’t download it anywhere on mobile. Now we don’t know if Rovio is even going to make it a Rovio Classics game like what they did with the original Angry Birds, so I’ve found a **possible** solution for this game.

I’ve found a way to play the newest version. (Only downside is that this only works for Android and may or may not work on newer Android devices) It works on bluestacks though.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download XAPK Installer

Step 2: Go to this website and download the XAPK file [](

Step 3: Once you have XAPK Installer installed, open the XAPK file.

Step 4 (optional): If you have another APK type installer on your device, make sure you select “Package Installer”.

Step 5: A box should show up asking if you want to install, tap “install”

Step 6: If the app successfully installed, open it up and start playing!

You can also sync data with Google Play Games, so If you install the game on another device, you can carry over data, assuming you use the same google account for the two devices.

I hope this tutorial helped.


**Edit 1/30/23:** I’ve been testing the game and for some reason in the pirate ship level after you go to the dock and come back to the ship, the game automatically crashes and you lose your progress on that level. **It may come to a situation where you might not be able to play the newest version of the game.**

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