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This Auto-Leveling Tripod is a Photographers Dream Come True – Review Geek

A tripod mounted camera between two pillars looking out over a body of water.

If you’ve ever used a tripod to take pictures, you know that getting it level is critical, and it’s also a little tricky to pull off. But a new tripod from Berno is looking to make it much easier. Dubbed “Theta,” the company touts it as the “world’s first smart modular tripod.”

The company states that Thea can “quickly make the camera reach the level state automatically.” An animated gif on the company’s website shows a tripod-mounted camera reaching a level state with no human interaction—one leg on the Theta tripod extends from a shorter state to a longer one. However, no technical details are given on how the company achieved this feat.

Auto-leveling is just one of the neat features of the Theta. The company’s marketing materials also tout fast camera mounting, a dual-use ball head, and a smart modular system. The tripod’s components are constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy held up by five-section carbon fiber legs. It comes in two sizes, 16.5-inch, and 17.7-inch, which can reach a maximum height of 47.2 and 29.2 inches, respectively.

The dual-use ball head allows you to position your camera in nearly any position you need. The 360-degree spherical ball head lets you adjust to any angle, and the pan and tilt function enables you to move the camera gently and capture smooth video footage. Furthermore, the auto-lock QR ring makes it quick and easy to mount your camera and keep it in place. It also enables quick unmounting when you need to go hand-held.

Other smart features of the Theta include a battery module that doubles as a power bank, a remote camera control module, and an optical matrix sensor module. All of which are incredibly convenient for photographers and filmmakers. And it even has a GoLive module that lets you live stream to online sharing platforms, an invaluable tool for digital creators and influencers.

Unfortunately, you can’t order the Theta today. The company states that the product is coming to Kickstarter soon, and you can sign up for notifications when their campaign goes live and get access to early-bird specials.

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