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SOLVED – missing option to save default SIM for specific contacts

Hello everyone! I’m posting here this solution because the issue was driving me nuts and I didn’t find it anywhere else.

I use a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G but I guess it applies to all androids with dual SIM.

I don’t like Samsung’s *contacts* and *phone* app so I installed the Google version of them via the Play store. I also use my dual SIM phone both for work and personal use and I’d like to use one SIM to call work-related contacts and the other to call personal contacts hence I set the preferred SIM to *always ask* in the settings.

After the installation of the Google’s version of the contact app there is no longer the option to save the preferred call for each contact when making the first call to them.

E.g. if I click *call* on this contact []( I get the SIM selection menu without any checkbox to remember my choice [](


1. Open the Google’s phone app and **click the icon next to the contact** (the big T in my screenshot as I don’t have any image associated to Test4) [](
2. It will ask what application to use for the operation, select Google’s contact app and *always.* [](
3. The checkbox to remember the choice for that specific contact will be there next time you’ll try to make a call. [](

I can’t find any other way to select the default app for the operation performed at step 2.

Hope this helps

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