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Release date, rumors, price, and all we know so far

apple watch series 8 lunar face

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Apple Watch goes into 2023 as the king of the smartwatch world, and with the refreshed Watch SE and brand new Ultra model, it seems that the lineup might keep that crown for a while to come. The Series 8 didn’t set the wearable world alight, playing second fiddle to these two newcomers. That leaves the Series 9 with much to do to keep pace. So, what can we expect from the next model? Read on for all the latest Apple Watch Series 9 rumors and info, as well as our wishlist for new features we want to see.

Will there be an Apple Watch Series 9?

An Apple Watch Series 8 on a user's wrist displays the app screen.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Apple has launched a new Watch model every year since 2015, and we doubt 2023 will be the year this abruptly ends. There will almost certainly be a new Apple Watch Series this year — potentially alongside an Apple Watch Ultra 2 — but there isn’t a clear consensus on the device’s name.

Logic dictates that the next Apple Watch would bear the Series 9 label following on from the Watch Series 8, but Apple has demonstrated a willingness to switch up its sequential device naming scheme when it deems fit. According to a rumor from French site iPhoneSoft (via MacRumors) citing a source close to a supplier, the next Apple Watch could be named the Apple Watch X.

You may remember Apple ditching the iPhone 9 moniker in favor of the iPhone X, but that choice was down to Apple celebrating the smartphone’s 10th anniversary. It’s worth noting that the Apple Watch line won’t celebrate this milestone until 2025. It’s also worth noting that watchOS 10 will likely be the next smartwatch OS version, but it seems unlikely that Apple would skip a number just to catch up with its OS naming scheme.

What is the Apple Watch Series 9 release date?

A stack of Apple Watches includes a Series 7, Series 8, SE 2022, and Ultra model

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Here’s a much easier question to answer. While the very first Apple Watch launched in April, and the Series 7 went on sale mid-October, every other Apple Watch launched in mid-September during the company’s fall event.

As for the precise date, Apple prefers hosting events on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. To that end, you can probably expect this year’s event to occur on Tuesday, 12 September, or Wednesday, 13 September 2023. Don’t grab the permanent marker just yet though. Things can change.

What specs and features will the Apple Watch Series 9 have?

apple watch series 8 sensor

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Apple Watch hasn’t changed much since the Series 6. The gap between the Series 7 and Series 8 is even narrower. There’s no doubt that the Series 9 is due for some significant changes.

Do we expect sweeping hardware alterations? Well, Apple should introduce a new chipset, likely called the Apple S9. However, it’s worth mentioning that the difference between the S7 and the S8 is minute. There’s a chance that the S9’s chip could follow suit.

Research firm Omdia claims that Apple is working on introducing MicroLED panels to its Apple Watch models, but it’s unlikely that these screens will arrive in time for the Series 9. Notably, it’s believed that the panel in question could debut on the next Ultra model, skipping the standard Series line.

The Apple Watch Series is due for some significant changes.

As for the design, Apple’s big change between the Series 7 and Series 8 was dropping the titanium chassis option, which is now an Apple Watch Ultra exclusive. Apple may improve its device’s internal packaging, introduce tougher sapphire glass, or tweak its screen dimensions, but there’s little evidence that we can expect a hugely different Series 9 design.

On the fitness tracking front, the Series 8 gained a set of temperature sensors, which improves menstrual and fertility tracking and sleep monitoring. We expect the Series 9 to keep this feature, hopefully improving its utility to alert users to potential illness. We don’t expect many new health tracking features to debut on the Series 9. According to an April 2022 article Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, blood pressure monitoring is within Apple’s scope, but it may only arrive in 2024. We also believe that non-invasive blood sugar monitoring is being worked on, but there’s no clear indication of when the technology will be ready.

Finally, let’s talk software. watchOS 9 was arguably the biggest contributor to the Series 8’s new feature sheen, and we expect watchOS 10 to play a similar role with the Series 9. We’ll have to wait for WWDC in June for more software reveals from the horse’s mouth.

What will the Apple Watch Series 9 price be?

apple watch series 8 and apple watch series 7 front

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Every Apple Watch Series model since the Series 3 was priced from $399. That price was only a $30 increase over the Series 2 it replaced. That’s remarkable consistency. Last year, instead of adjusting this price, Apple launched a more premium Ultra model and a cheaper Apple Watch SE alternative to support its mainline product. If history dictates, we probably shouldn’t be too concerned by an Apple Watch Series 9 price increase, but it’s not without precedent.

Apple Watch Series 9: What we want to see

Real investment in the battery space

Apple Watch Battery Life

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Apple has seemingly taken software battery saving as far as it can go with Low Power Mode; now’s the time to invest in battery hardware. The Apple Watch Series line’s longevity still lags behind its contemporaries. Although we experienced more impressive battery duration than the quoted 18 hours in our testing of the Series 8, slightly more than a day still means planning charging times. The new 45-minute charge speed is welcome, but starting the day below 100% will put you at a disadvantage when it’s time to track your sleep, then alert you throughout the following morning. We’d love to see Apple target two days, in line with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

More room for customization with watchOS 10

apple watch series 8 modular face on wrist

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Modular Face

watchOS has become as crucial to the Apple Watch experience as iOS is to the iPhone. watchOS 9 introduced a plethora of new features, from Low Power mode to workout improvements. However, it failed to bring any meaningful improvements for those craving customizations. Yes, we got new official watch faces, but there are no options if you want something completely different. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want a smartwatch with third-party watch faces. We won’t mind if watchOS 10 opens the door ever so slightly for customization options, even if it introduces an official app for users to create their own faces from the ground up.

More than just a skin temperature sensor

apple watch series 8 temperature sensor

Introducing new meaningful sensors to the smartwatch experience isn’t easy. The Apple Watch Series 8’s new skin temperature sensor does just that, making the wearable a more informative tool for those who menstruate. However, that’s the only big change between the previous two generations, and we crave something more from Apple for the Series 9. Whether it’s using this sensor to provide more information about general wellness, to new sensors that augment the wellness experience, there needs to be a better reason to upgrade for health reasons if Apple doesn’t touch the battery or overall design.

The filtering down of some Ultra features

A user highlights the Action button on their Apple Watch Ultra.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Finally, let’s talk about the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s unclear if we’ll see a new Ultra model every year, but the features introduced on this device piqued our interest. Of course, many of these are specifically designed for adventurous folk (think the water depth sensor, emergency siren, and track back capabilities). However, we wouldn’t mind seeing some Ultra features filter down to the Series line. For instance, how about that Action button? A third programmable pusher would be infinitely useful for active Series 9 owners. Apple has pounded on about the Ultra’s features as exclusive to that particular model, but it might be able to make a few exceptions.

That’s everything we know and what we want to see from the Apple Watch Series 9. It’s still early in the news cycle, so expect more details to filter through as Apple’s fall event draws nearer. Which features do you hope will make it? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

What do you want to see on the Apple Watch Series 9?

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