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PSA: DDG App Tracking Protection

Hello All (I will be posting on r/GooglePixel as well),

I am writing this post because I have received quite a few DM’s and responses to my recommendation of Duck Duck Go’s (DDG) App Tracking Protection that they provide on Android. I had assumed that this was a widely known option for privacy protection, but clearly it isn’t. So…


**TLDR: DDG has a (beta) feature called “App Tracking Protection” inside of its Android browser app that you can request access to via a waitlist. It does not require that you use the DDG browser as your default browser, as it creates a local VPN on the android device and then blocks cross app tracking across the entire device globally (See Imgur).**

EDIT: Just FYI to avoid confusion. This is NOT about AD blocking. This is about cross app tracker blocking similar to Apples ATT with the exception that it’s a technical implementation and not a policy.



Longer version…

Duck Duck Go is more than a browser and search engine (per their claims). They focus on trying to be an **”All-in-one privacy service”**. I have used DDG’s **”App Tracking Protection”** for about a year (I think it was released in Nov of last year) on multiple Android phones and tablets, in addition to some other available options from them.

**I do this without even using their browser as my primary.** I don’t like the way their scrolling feels on their browser, and I am trying to use fewer chromium-based browsers. So I use FF on mobile and desktop most of the time, and Brave as my primary chromium browser when needed. **The feature is enabled with a local VPN on the device and works globally.** You do not need to open or use the DDG browser after the VPN is set up if you do not want to (by all means go ahead). You can also disable the notifications from showing up in the pull-down menu. There will be a “lock” symbol in the notification bar noting that a VPN is active but not in the pull-down shade itself.

**In the Imgur link above, I show what option I am referring to and its results**, but it’s pretty simple. The only hurdle is that they are sitting in a year-long beta that requires a waitlist, I have been able to get it on multiple devices, and the wait isn’t very long. I have just requested it on my Pixel 7 Pro and expect I will be in soon.


**Devices/OS’s I have used this on with zero issues:**

P6: A12 & CalyxOS

S22+: A12

Tab S7: A11 & 12

Tab S8+: A12

Currently on waitlist P7P: A13


**Disclaimer:** I am not associated with DDG in any way, shape, or form. I work in the Tech ecosystem and with various companies, but DDG is not one of them.

I hope this works well for those who want and use it. Cheers!

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