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New Wallpaper Manager App

Hi android/ app enthusiasts! New phone wallpaper app here :)) works even on Xiaomi phones!

For limited time, free pro version of the app :))


The app allows you to choose multiple pictures from your android device and it will loop through them setting each one as wallpaper so that every time you open your phone a new wallpaper will be featured on the lock screen. You can pick an entire folder or just a file.

It’s the only app that sets a new wallpaper based on the phone state (lock, unlocked), AFAIK.

I am quite new to android development and I hope you will accept my attempt to promote my app on this sub. So that being said, I would like to share with you my ongoing project that I have been already working on for the past three months. It’s my first real project to reach production and to celebrate that with you guys all around the internet the pro version of the app will be free of charge for a limited time, no ads, free to enjoy it :)). I would highly appreciate if you could leave reviews on the play store and any feedback you would like to share with me regarding the app, or any idea regarding the description or creative ways to better promote the app.

Thank you internet for existing!

PS: You need to have a screen lock type (e.g. Swipe, Pin, etc.) and a custom wallpaper chosen already for the app to work.

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