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Material You Themed Icon Directory | Now includes FOSS Apps!

I’ve just finished up adding a handful of new apps from F-Droid to my Material You Themed Icon list! This list includes tons of Android apps that implement a themed icon, separated into different publisher categories (Google, Samsung, Play Store, and 3rd Party).

Starting today, I’ve added the ‘3rd party’ category that includes apps not on the Play Store, such as FOSS, Instander, ReVanced, and more.

Additionally, I’ll be keeping an eye out for apps that add predictive back animations, and adding their status to the list.

We’ve already compiled hundreds of apps into the list, and are always on the lookout for apps that get updated/released. If you want to help/contribute, we have a form open to submit apps you’ve found/released/updated/etc to include a themed icon.

Overall, a great place to discover apps to fit into your Material You setups!

Check it out here: [](
Submit apps here: [](

*Take care, and stay safe!*

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