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How to bypass MSCHAPv2 authentication on stock Android 11+

Hi, most of you don’t have to deal with this, but some of you might find this useful.

This method requires **root**.

Keep in mind this is for stock Android 11 and up. Most Android skins (OneUI, MIUI, etc.) can bypass it with no problem.

Anyways, let’s get into the tutorial.

1. Turn off your wifi.
2. Download and install Termux from [here]( (taken from [this]( webiste). After installed, open Termux.
3. Type `su` and allow root access.
4. Type `vi /data/misc/apexdata/`.
5. Hold the arrow down button, untill you see your wifi SSID (name). You can also use 2 fingers to scroll down/up.
6. You should see something like [this](
7. Click `i` on your keyboard.
8. Look for `<int name=”Phase2Method” value=”3″ />`. Change `value=”3″` to `value=”0″`.
9. Now remove these lines:
1. `<string name=”ClientCert”></string>`
2. `<string name=”CaCert”></string>`
3. `<string name=”DomSuffixMatch”>domain</string>` Note: `domain` can be something else (for example ``).
4. `<string name=”CaPath”>/system/etc/security/cacerts</string>`
10. Click on the ESC button.
11. Type `:w!` and press enter.
12. Now type `:q` and press enter.
13. You should be back in the terminal now.
14. Type `exit` and press enter.
15. You were “logged in” as root, so you have to type `exit` and press enter again to exit Termux.
16. **DO NOT turn on your wifi yet.**
17. Reboot your phone.
18. Turn on your wifi and connect to the modified wifi.

You should now be able to connect to your wifi.

I hope this was helpful to some of you.

Note: I didn’t use the Guide flair, because it’s no longer an option.

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