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Home » Google removed Goals from Google Calendar today. So I created Goaly, a complete replacement and more!

Google removed Goals from Google Calendar today. So I created Goaly, a complete replacement and more!

### TL;DR:
I created an app that schedules your goals automatically at the best free time in your **Google Calendar**. This is a complete replacement to **Goals** that leaves Google Calendar tomorrow.
## [Android Download](
## [iOS Download](

### Edit:
Feel free to open issues on the app [Github page]( That would help me keep track of the issues 🙂

### Background
I am using Google Calendar and Goals religiously. After Google announced that they’re **removing Goals** I started working on **Goaly**. For those who aren’t familiar, Goals used to be a feature in Google Calendar that allowed you to create a “goal” – something you want to do every x days or x times a week. It would then take those goals and **automatically schedule** them in your calendar based on your free time and other preferences. Once a goal was completed you could tap “Did it” to mark it as completed and keep a streak.

If this sounds great it’s because it is. It was a super handy feature I found myself using all the time to find time for my workouts, meditations and even calling my mom.

Unfortunately **Google announced that they’re removing this feature** in November (as they do), so I decided to create it myself.

### The goal of Goaly
Goaly is firstly meant to be a **complete replacement to Google Calendar’s goals** feature. That means that Goaly can
– intelligently finds free time in your schedule based on your preferences
– schedules goals automatically for you
– keeps track of your goals
– allows multi device support so you can view and manage goals from your phone/laptop/PC etc

### Examples
I use Goaly to schedule time for my **workouts** whenever I have 2 hours to spare. I also use it to schedule **meditations** 5 times a week, call my mom once a week and do my **studies** twice a week.

### Screenshots

### Help from you
The app was just released from early access today.
I still have many features planned and I would LOVE to get more insights from you
If you’re missing any features from the original Google Calendar goals or if you have any features you would like to see in Goaly please let me know
If you run into any bugs, please either PM me or comment below

## [Android Download](
## [iOS Download](

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