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[Dev] Symfonium 2.0 is out (Music player and cast)

First I’d like to thanks everyone for the support, feedback and feature requests made, allowing me to build current version.

For the newcomers Symfonium ([]( is a paid music player with a complete free trial.

It can be used with music on your Android device, or from one of the many supported media providers (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic, Kodi) (Multiple providers at the same time are fully supported) It can play the music on your phone/tablet or casted to Chromecast, UPnP or Kodi devices.

Since the public introduction of the app 5 months ago, a lot of work was made to add tons of features and fully embrace being a complete Music Player also as a pure local one. See: []( for the full list of changes.

On the many things changed:

• The highly requested new logo 🙂 (With an option to change to a couple of others) I really hope you like it.

• Complete state saving, keep your queue even after an app kill / reboot.

• Added one of the most complete Equalizer on Android 9+ ([](

– AutoEQ support for 127 band equalizer perfectly pre computed for your headphone (And auto selection on headphone change) (4200+ configurations, [](

– 5/10/15 or 31 bands equalizer (And up to 256 bands in expert mode)

– Support for PreAmp, ReplayGain, Limiter, Compressor

• Playback pre cache for slow network, configurable cache to handle bad network conditions or going under tunnels. (Independent of the full offline first usage of the app with media caching from media providers)

• Support local and offline playlist editing and syncing back to the providers.

• Auto play/pause on headphone connection (wired/BT)


Of course all the features that already made Symfonium unique are still here:

• Full material You interface with different themes (Including custom ones) (Including Android 13 themed icons)

• Completely configurable interface, modify nearly everything to your liking

• Complete Android Auto integration

• Many audio book features (Playback speed, skip silence, album/song/playlist resuming, …)

• Smart filters and smart playlist to organize and play your media on many different criteria

• Personal mixes (Optimized random playback based on your ratings, playcount, favorites, … to ensure different pleasant mixes every time)

• Support many file format (Alac, Flac, Opus, Aac, …)

• Gapless, volume boost, …

• Cast to Chromecast, UPnP (Gapless support if your devices support it), Kodi

And of course as mentioned earlier, the app is 100% user driven so do not hesitate to make feature requests at [](

Thanks again for the support.

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