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What makes a phone a Flagship? and worthy of 1000$~?

The official leak from the S23 prices/info lists here [](

How is a 128GB Memory(USF 3 for 128gb lol, only 256+ is UFS 4:0)/8GB Ram/1080p screen/Slower charge speed vs others/below 4000mah battery/ a flagship “price” in 2023? Maybe I’m missing something here.

The S23+ is not any better and costs 1000$, its simply the same 1080p screen but bigger and 256GB , i don’t want to hear about the argument that 1080p screen is ok etc sure lets say in theory its better for battery life purposes but why charge a premium ?

**Am i the only one or prices no longer Make any sense for certain flagship phones?** ON Paper i can literally get a 2 years older flagship for third of the price if not less, or a 2023 mid range phone for less than half the price but with better battery/Less heat/Much faster charge/etc


Its from the same company (Samsung ) that is giving us this as well


1/5 of the price, but you also get SD card/Headphone jack/Bigger Battery

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