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Home » Sonos Discounts Soundbars and Speakers Ahead of the Super Bowl – Review Geek

Sonos Discounts Soundbars and Speakers Ahead of the Super Bowl – Review Geek

A closeup of the Sonos Beam soundbar
Kris Wouk / Review Geek

Sports fans are clamoring to prepare for Super Bowl LVII, which airs in cinematic 4K quality on February 12th. If you already own a 4K TV, now might be the time to upgrade your audio system. Thankfully, Sonos is slashing prices on soundbars and speakers.

Sonos soundbars offer premium sound with virtualized Dolby Atmos and other enhancements. Plus, if you own multiple Sonos speakers, they can stream music, podcasts, or radio across your entire home.

Here are the best Sonos deals available today:

You can see all of Sonos’ discounted products at the company’s website. Most of the available deals are for large speaker bundles, which can get a bit expensive (but may be worth the money for a robust home theater). Note that these deals expire on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you aren’t sure which Sonos product to buy, I suggest going with the Arc soundbar. It achieved a near-perfect score in our review, largely thanks to its sound quality, ease of use, and upgradability. I should also note that Sonos speakers come with exclusive content like Sonos Radio, which is sort of like a streaming version of SiriusXM.

Sonos Arc

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The Sonos Arc offers high-quality audio with virtualized Dolby Atmos. It can wirelessly pair with other Sonos speakers and includes some wireless connectivity options, like AirPlay and Chromecast.

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