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Samsung’s simple Galaxy S23 Ultra strategy will help sell like crazy

Now that all has been said and done, we look forward to Samsung’s shattering its sales records with the Galaxy S23 series, particularly the Galaxy S23 Ultra. There have been concerns about the series seeing a decline in sales. A rumor even suggested that Samsung may cancel the Galaxy S24+ simply because the middle-of-the-road model doesn’t sell as many units as the company would like.

There were also many reports that claimed the Galaxy S22 sales had missed Samsung’s expectations. The company certainly had a challenge on its hands. It needs to improve sales of its flagship lineup at a time when inflation is at a historic high worldwide. People don’t have as much disposable income as they used to so they won’t be too happy spending a lot of money on expensive phones.

What the company needed to do was present its case more effectively. We’ve seen over the years how the crux of Samsung’s Unpacked announcements have focused more on the top-of-the-line Ultra model than the base or the Plus. This was evident during the latest launch also. The Galaxy S23 and S23+ were talked about very briefly since the Galaxy S23 Ultra was the star of the show.

There’s a lot that Samsung introduces with its new phones every year and it used to spend a lot of time trying to explain it all during a rushed presentation. Over the years, we’ve seen Samsung simplify its approach and focus on big-ticket items. It left everything else to be explained through the marketing materials and the tech media juggernaut. After all, people have a fleeting attention span, and Samsung needs to capture and hold their attention with something that’s most likely to get them to open their wallets.

Looking back at the Unpacked event, I feel that Samsung has fully embraced this simplified approach, and it’s definitely going to help it sell the Galaxy S23 Ultra like crazy. The company didn’t spend much time focusing on the design changes it has made, the other specs it has upgraded, the new Qualcomm chipset its using, or the many software improvements it has made. It spent the majority of its time talking up the new cameras which are undoubtedly the biggest selling point of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Unpacked viewers saw a deep dive into the camera setup of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and rightly so. It’s a very significant upgrade, one that will deliver noticeable results. This is Samsung’s first phone with a 200-megapixel camera. The company has paired its new sensor with incredible improvements in camera software and AI-assisted functionality to deliver an elevated photography and videography experience.

The capabilities of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s cameras were showcased through projects filmed by award-winning directors Ridley Scott and Na Hong-jin. Both have very different cinematic styles and it was a treat to see their visions being put to the proverbial film through the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s lens.

It’s one thing to talk about the technical upgrades that make these cameras great but the average customer doesn’t bother with comprehending what’s mentioned on the spec sheet. Samsung’s singular focus on showing what these cameras can do acts as a visual representation of why people who like photography and videography should buy the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung spent a lot of time meticulously explaining, through videos and images, everything that makes the device’s cameras great. It showcased how the new camera setup will let you take much better photos in low-light conditions, something that all of us want to do but somehow our phones are never able to meet our expectations.

The presentation never got too technical but offered just enough detail into what happens behind the scenes so that viewers can follow along and get a sense of these incredible technological advancements. The point was then driven home through multiple representations of what these cameras can deliver.

If people needed a good reason to buy a new phone a few years back, they now need an exceptional argument that can help justify such a major purchase for them. The Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at $1,199 in the United States and costs even higher in some markets. The global economic landscape has probably priced out this phone from the realm of affordability for a lot of customers. Those who are left will be cautious and more guarded with their money.

As the younger people among us would remark, Samsung understood the assignment. It tailored the entire presentation and the subsequent marketing efforts around a camera experience that it knows few, if any, 2023 Android flagships will be able to replicate. With the camera quality being one of the main reasons behind phone purchases now, its entire messaging behind the Galaxy S23 Ultra provides a quick answer to a simple question: Is the camera any good? Here’s all of the ways it’s the best, comes Samsung’s reply.

In my view, that’s going to get a lot more people to open up their wallets for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, even those that may be on the fence about buying an expensive phone this year. If it manages to do that, then it’s job very well done for Samsung.

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