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Samsung Unpacked February 2023 megathread

[Youtube live stream](


TLDW: It fucking sucks

**Preorder (not affiliate link ඞ):** [Samsung fans who preordered the s23](

[$600 for s22 ultra with 512gb at Google fi](

[$300 for s23 at Google fi](

**Press Release:** [Samsung fans paying 1k eruo for the base model s23 rn:/Americas getting shit trade in deals](

[Take Your Passions Further With the New Samsung Galaxy S23 Series: Designed for a Premium Experience Today and Beyond – Samsung Mobile Press](


**Techtubers** **Videos (Hey it’s me MKBHD and I have personally designed this phone.** [**Then proceeded to unbox the s22u**](**):**


​ [Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Impressions-Dave2D](

[Samsung Galaxy S23 – All Color Variants -Shaan Haide](

[Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra | What’s Changed? -Tech Spurt](

[Samsung Galaxy S23 vs S22 | What’s Changed?-Tech Spurt](

[Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: A step forward after the leap-Joshua Vergara ](

[Galaxy S23 Ultra: whatcha gonna do with all those pixels?!-The Verge ](

[Galaxy S23 / Ultra Impressions: Cruise Control!-Marques Brownlee]( [Samsun Galaxy S23 Series Hands-On – NOT What You Think!-Pocketnow ](

[Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Colours & So Much More!-WhatGear ](

[Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra: Everything You Need to Know (Before You Buy)-TK Bay](




[S23 supports HDMI out for monitors-Dieter Bohn ](

[Sony rn:](

[The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra gets a 200-megapixel camera – The Verge](

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