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Home » Is Arm shooting itself in the foot with suing Qualcomm over nuvia ip? – discussion

Is Arm shooting itself in the foot with suing Qualcomm over nuvia ip? – discussion

Article in question

This article I was reading brings up a good point with the whole Qualcomm v arm debacle. Even if arm wins or loses this suit. It has pushed more rapid development to risc-v for this suit just existing. We just saw a few days ago Google announcing Android for risc-v. Also apparently arm terminated nuvia’s license agreement already. I don’t think it would go nuclear in the sense of nuvia ip being destroyed. But either way this doesn’t boad well for arm’s future.

“In a world where Arm is willing to arbitrarily withhold vital intellectual property in such deals, startups and investors must worry that any Arm license creates the possibility that a successful exit could be unilaterally blocked. If Arm is willing to inflict billions of dollars of damage on one of its best customers, other customers must be concerned about their own license agreements,”-[Linley Gwenapp](

But if this battle does continue past 2023/2024 I think we will see a slow down in performance for arm chips, while these companies focus on risc-v development. Maybe we will see a boost in efficiency and such.

But I wonder how companies that make their own custom arm chips like apple or do some customization (co processor) like Google, bbk and such will react to this. We know that oppo is developing their own custom chip in house. Would this lawsuit just kill it after one generation or will they just scrap future iterations of it.

What do you guys think?

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