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Hulu Trends As Netflix Announces Ending Password Sharing

Hulu is trending on social media after Netflix announced that it would be ending password sharing next month. The move has been telegraphed for almost a year now, but a lot of users felt like it would create enough of an uproar that the company would back off. But, alas, people will have to log into their “home network” once a month to continue streaming their favorite shows and movies. Besides the difficulty in enforcing just the plan, a lot of viewers are just upset at the very notion of ending password sharing. As different government officials in the United States have been talking about a recession for a while, and amid layoffs all across different tech companies, making people pay that extra money has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Check out some of the funniest posts reacting to the move right here.

“This will not be a universally popular move,” Netflix CEO Greg Peters said before adding, “[There will be] a bit of cancel reaction to that.”

Former CEO Ted Sarandos had said something similar before. “It feels a lot like the way you manage a price increase. … Consumers aren’t going to love it right out of the gate, but we need to show them why they should see value,” he argued.

Are you considering moving to another service in light of this news? Let us know in the comments down below!

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