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HDMI switcher supports 4k@60Hz from $13

2.0 HDMI switcher

If you are searching for an easy and quick way to swap HDMI connections to a single monitor, you might be interested in the new HDMI switcher from JSAUX, capable of supporting 4k@60Hz. Simply press a button to switch from one computer or games console to the other and enjoy HDMI connections from your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro, Blu-Ray DVD, Switch, Route Roku, Chromecast, PC and more. Connecting them to HD-Ready or Full HD TVs, Apple TVs, projectors, monitors and more.

The affordable HDMI switcher can support 4K resolutions through cables up to 5m in length but no more and is available to purchase for just $13 complete with a 1.3 ft HDMI cable.

HDMI switcher 2-in-1

2.0 HDMI switcher

“The JSAUX durable high-quality aluminum alloy case with sandblasting can quickly dissipate heat and not stick to fingerprints. Use anti-interference nickel-plated interface to reduce data transmission loss and improve signal transmission efficiency.”

HDMI switcher adapter

“Only one display can be displayed at a time as an HDMI Splitter. 3 HDMI female ports on the adapter. Easily switch and avoid damage to your display ports due to frequent plugs. No external driver is required, press the button on the HDMI Switcher to switch the signal between 2 input or output ports and you will know which port is active from the LED light.”

Source : JSAUX

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