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Home » Google has suspended 2 of my icon packs from the Play Store for being “highly similar” – The problem of automated app reviews

Google has suspended 2 of my icon packs from the Play Store for being “highly similar” – The problem of automated app reviews

# Context:

Google has suspended 2 of my icon pack apps in the same day for the following reasons:

* Copying content from other apps without adding any original content or value.
* Creating multiple apps with highly similar content and user experience.

[Notice I got in the mail for both apps.](

# The suspended apps in question:

My icon pack series, called Reev, consists of three variants: Reev Pro (white-colored), Reev Dark (black-colored), and Reev Chroma (multicolored). Each variant is unique and original, containing additional content such as KWGT widgets and exclusive wallpapers.

All three variants are handcrafted and maintained by me as a solo creator. **Reev Pro** and **Reev Dark** feature monochromatic designs, while **Reev Chroma** follows a custom color scheme that took me a year to perfect and an additional three months to individually color over 2,000 icons.

# Why the suspension is wrong:

If the suspension reasons provided by Google were applied to the entire Play Store, there would be barely any icon packs left. Currently, there are hundreds of icon packs with multiple variants on the Play Store that look similar but have different color schemes and design languages for fresh looks and feel. Here are some common examples:

1. LineBit – [Screenshot](

2. LineX – [Screenshot](

3. Noodelines – [Screenshot](

All of these icon packs contain unique content. Each variant has its own design language and includes additional content beyond the icons. Users value the icon designs and that’s what they want. These are not just copied packs. Although the icon shapes are transferred to other apps, they are not just left as is. Each variant is carefully crafted and follows specific guidelines to give them an original identity.

# Why not submit an appeal?

I can, but who will listen? [This is what the Actions section states in the email](

#4 says *”…submit the updated, policy compliant app using a* ***new package name*** *and a new app name.”* which indicates that I can no longer update the app to make changes to it.

I am not going to risk creating an app with a new package name in hopes that it works just to end up getting my entire account terminated in the process. This is my livelihood, my bread and butter. I have been maintaining my apps for 4 years with weekly updates and new content. I cannot risk losing all my hard work overnight.

# What I think might have triggered the suspension:

This is pure speculation. Only Google can have a solid answer, but it is a possibility that is worth pointing out.

Prior to releasing my latest variant (Reev Chroma), I copied part of the play store description from Reev Dark, since both apps share the same dashboard under the hood (same as all other icon packs called [Blueprint Dashboard](

Why I think this is possible is I copied the paragraph from Reev Dark (which is the second app that is suspended). The paragraph contained supported launchers list and dashboard featured. Only changing the headline color. Could this minor duplication of description what triggered it?

Why I think this isn’t the reason is that for the last year, Reev Pro and Reev Dark both shared the same listing descriptions, but neither had any issues like this. So I’m not entirely sure whether this is the case or not.

# Conclusion:

There is no conclusion, though I will update this post if things change. The last few days have been extremely stressful for me because this is my only source of income at the moment and the longer these apps stay suspended, the more revenue I lose every day. It has completely disrupted further development of my apps.

**If anyone from Google is reading this,** this is wrong and my suspension should be reversed. I have always been policy compliant and still am. My apps and the content in them are original and provide a unique value in each variant to its users. I should not be punished for making my own content.

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