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Galaxy Experience Space in San Fran is the most epic Samsung store

Last updated: February 3rd, 2023 at 17:53 UTC+01:00

Samsung brought back the epic in-store experience in San Francisco after Unpacked. The company opened up a new Galaxy Experience Space in the Golden Gate City, where visitors can experience the new Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Book 3 lineups in person, learn about Samsung’s sustainability efforts, play mobile games, and take epic photos that simulate a zero-gravity environment.

The Galaxy Experience Space at 11 Powell Street in San Francisco will be open to anyone for three weeks. Visitors are greeted by a large display surrounded by an array of past-generation Galaxy smartphones working together to create a space that almost resembles a contemporary art exhibit.

The epic store has different zones across two floors, each demonstrating various facets of the Galaxy experience in 2023, including the Share the Epic, Capture the Epic, Play the Epic, Create the Epic, Portrait Studio, and SmartThings zones.

Take epic photos, play games, learn about the Samsung ecosystem

The epic experience Samsung prepared for fans lets visitors experience the gaming performance of the Galaxy S23 series, the way the new smartphones integrate with the Galaxy Book 3 lineup, and everything about the smart home platform, SmartThings.

The spaces also explain Samsung’s sustainability efforts and how the company used recycled materials to develop the Galaxy S23 series. The “Share the Epic” zone is dedicated to showcasing the process of how Samsung integrated eco-conscious materials into its latest Galaxy devices.

Visitors can also take epic photos in the Capture the Epic and Portrait Studio zones. They can record videos that simulate a zero-gravity experience through clever camera tricks or strike a pose in the Portrait Studio zone and have their images showcased in the Samsung Portrait Gallery.

Since the Galaxy S23 series is powered by a fine-tuned Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, Samsung also took this opportunity to allow visitors to test the performance of its new phones by playing fast-paced mobile games in a dedicated Play Zone. The chipset powering the S23 lineup was overclocked with higher CPU and GPU frequencies for top performance, and the new flagship phones have larger cooling vapor chambers.

Samsung’s epic Experience Space in San Francisco will remain open until February 25. The Galaxy S23 smartphones and Galaxy Book 3 laptops are available for pre-order in-store and through the Samsung online shop. They’re scheduled exit the pre-order period and hit the shelves on February 17.

Image of Galaxy S23

SamsungGalaxy S23

Image of Galaxy S23 Plus

SamsungGalaxy S23 Plus

Image of Galaxy S23 Ultra

SamsungGalaxy S23 Ultra

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