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ADARA compact 95-key mechanical keyboard

95-key mechanical keyboard

AQIRYS has this week introduced its latest keyboard in the form of the ADARA taking the form of a 1800 compact form factor and 95-key layout. The mechanical keyboard is rated for 100 million keystrokes and features custom HaiMu Pink switches. The switches are “factory pre-lubed” to provide users with a smooth, quiet, linear key press and a 2 mm actuation point. The AQIRYS ADARA mechanical keyboard is now available to purchase priced at €115 from the official AQIRYS online store.

“On the outside, the chassis, made of lightweight and resilient material, is complemented by double-shot PBT keycaps designed for durability, precision, and improved tactility. And since we don’t fancy bland things much, ADARA uses a white & black color scheme, and the AQIRYS-designed Spacebar that’s guaranteed to be a thumb-pleaser every time is pressed (the package also includes a slim Spacebar for those who prefer a different profile).”

Mechanical keyboard

ADARA keyboard construction

“A dynamic full-RGB illumination system fires up the transparent logo and the PBT keycaps with on-the-fly adjustable visual effects; of course, the intuitive AQIRYS software provides access to advanced configuration options, including per-key illumination customization. Using a white&black braided detachable USB-C aviator-style cable boosts aesthetics, durability, and mobility; three built-in channels under the keyboard allow using and routing of a classic USB-C cable. Furthermore, a 3-step height adjustment system puts the wrists in the preferred position for fast typing.”

Customization is the key – with its hot-swap feature, ADARA gives every gamer the freedom to replace the stock switches with exotic models, be it 3-pin or 5-pin versions. The package includes 20 complimentary pre-lubed customized HaiMu Ocean Blue Tactile switches, along with the tools needed to replace the switches and thoroughly take care of the keyboard.

Source : AQIRYS

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